How to add a screen shot to your request.

From time to time, we all experience strange error messages or odd behavior on our computers.

If you would like send us a screen shot of a particular instance you have some options.

In Windows

The tried and true method for years has been pressing the Print Screen key.  Depending on your keyboard, this may either labeled "PrtSc" or "Print Screen" and is usually located somewhere on the right half of the keyboard.  Pressing this key makes of copy of everything currently displayed on your screen and stores it in a temporary memory called the clipboard.

First step is (of course) press the Print Screen button.  Now that you have your screen copied onto the clipboard, you need a place to put the image.

Search for the Paint program and open it.  Now push "Paste"; depending on the version of Paint your are using, the "Paste" command will be a large button on the top left of the window or located in the "Edit" menu.

Now you can save the image and attach it to your trouble ticket.


In Macintosh

In Mac OSX, to capture the entire screen as an image: Press and hold the Command and Shift keys, then press 3.

An image of your screen will now be saved on your desktop.


Other Options

There are a number of programs out there designed to make it easier to capture, edit, and save screen shots.  One good free one is Greenshot.  It is available for download here: .

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