Recommended Hardware

The following is a list of hardware we here at BioTrack THC recommend to our clients.  This lists represents devices that are known to have the least amount of technical issues when working with BioTrack.

If for any reason, a technical issue with any hardware cannot be resolved quickly, the original manufacturers can be contacted for further support.


Label printers: Zebra TLP 2824 Plus (with a Zebra 5319 Wax Ribbon)

Receipt Printers: Star Micronics TSP100

Labels: Must be at least 2.25” width to accommodate BioTrack barcodes. They should also be Thermal Transfer labels (for use with the above stated wax ribbon).

Scale: Mettler Toledo JL6002 for use in the Growhouse and a Mettler Toledo JL602 (with a USB to Serial converter that MUST be Windows 8 compatible if you are using a Windows 8 computer)

Fingerprint Scanner: Futronic FS80 USB2.0 (The fingerprint scanners MUST be Futronic)

Cash Drawer: APG Series 100; T320-BL1616

Barcode Scanner: Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner (wired) and DataLogic QuickScan Mobile Barcode Scanner (wireless). The wireless bar code scanner will need to be paired with its base (the component that connects to the computer) before it will function. There is a step-by-step sheet that is included with the scanner for the customer to follow.

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